Your Guide To Zinc Spray Metallizing

To help improve metal’Placement URL:s resistance to corrosion, a process known as zinc spray metallizing is used, in which an alloy coating is applied to the surface of a metal, such as steel, aluminium, stainless steel and brass. 

Protecting a range of metal surfaces from the threat of corrosion, and helping prolong their lifespan, this particular method is highly effective, and to get your zinc coating, simply buy now to give your steel structure the protection it needs. 

Here is the process of zinc spray metallizing in closer detail:

What exactly is zinc spray metallizing?

With zinc at its base, a zinc alloy coating is sprayed onto the surface of a metal at a high temperature, using equipment designed for the purpose. The heat acts to melt the particles of zinc, which go on to stick to the surface of the metal and create a protective layer against corrosion, and extend the lifespan of the metal’s components. To give the highest level of protection, more than one layer of zinc is applied to help create a barrier that’s thicker, between the surface of the metal and elements that may be present externally, such as salt water or humidity. 

Having been used for centuries to protect a variety of metal surfaces from rust and other wear and tear caused by environmental factors, zinc has outstanding properties for resisting corrosion, and hence is one of the most widely used chemical elements in the construction industry. 

What equipment is used during zinc metallization?

As discussed, zinc coatings offer invaluable protection for a variety of metal materials, helping them not just to last longer, but to perform better for longer, too. This technology also ensures that the surface it’s adhered to takes on a visually pleasing finish, and should be used appropriately, as part of a consistent maintenance plan. However, while zinc coatings are an integral aspect of protecting metals from the threat of corrosion, it’s essential that the right equipment is used in the application process.

Zinc coatings are typically applied to metal surfaces by way of hot dip galvanizing, mechanical plating and electroplating, and during the zinc metallizing process, the substance is sprayed onto the surface using industry specific equipment. 

Why should you use zinc spray metallizing?

Primarily, zinc spray is applied to metal surfaces to protect them from corrosion, but the process has other benefits as well:

  • Reduces friction

Helping to improve the performance of a metal structure, and prolong the life of metal machinery or items of equipment, zinc spray metallizing reduces the friction that builds up between moving parts

  • Ideal for use on internal components

While ideal for use on metal surfaces that are exposed, zinc spray metallizing can also be used to great effect on pipes, valves and other internal components that aren’t so easy to access using more traditional methods such as plating or painting. 

  • Cost effective

When compared to other types of coatings designed to protect metals from corrosion, zinc spray metallizing is a cost-effective method as it needs less time for the process to be complete, and hence, less labour costs. A product like zinga zingaspray is even quicker to apply on smaller steel surfaces, and highly effective. 

To extend the performance and lifespan of any metal structure or item of equipment, consider using a cost-effective and less labour intensive anti-corrosive process such as zinc spray metallizing. 


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