Digital Transformation in Construction Requires New Cyber Security Approaches

According to the latest research,  about 80% of today’s entrepreneurs are focused on digital transformation. It means that most businesses are trying to switch from outdated environments to cyberspace with digital-friendly solutions and paperless workflows.

The construction sector is among those niches that demonstrate sound digital-friendliness. More and more contractors and vendors would like to switch from manual operations and paper document flows to automated processes based on machine learning and high-tech approaches while developing a paperless ecosystem.

The most hot-topic digital tools implemented in the construction sector are construction estimating software, robotics, AR and VR software, drones, management & communication apps, etc. Both office and on-site operations can be automated and well-managed through digital transformation. 

Digital Transformation in Construction: The Most Common Software Used

For the pre-construction phase of each project, construction pricing software is required. This way contractors can undertake error-free estimating and accurate budget planning together with precise costing and resource management. 

The construction phase is notable for numerous on-site processes, so engineers and builders are interested in automated loading, transportation, and measuring operations via robotics, sensors, and heavy machinery based on the smartest solutions. 

For the post-construction phase (and for any other ones in the building pipeline), communication apps and management applications are critically important. All the departments should interact tightly to perform perfect final results and achieve high-profit margins.

Do not forget about other standard software that is essential for construction and other businesses today:

  • Cloud technologies. Paperless solutions start with the implementation of cloud-based tools for online data storage, sharing, commenting, and processing at all.
  • Sensors and beacons. These tiny devices are presented in almost all robotics. This way builders can measure physical dimensions, detect on-site risks, control operations remotely, etc.
  • IoT technologies. These solutions will improve your supply chains and interactions with vendors and stakeholders. 

It goes without saying that construction today is impossible without modern software. But the more digital tools are used for risk-free performance and profitable building projects, the more cyber threats are possible. While implementing new high-tech solutions, remember the cyber security of your company. This way you are going to prevent numerous challenges.

Helpful Recommendations to Improve Construction Cyber Security Strategies 

As can be seen, cyber security measures should be flexible to meet all the requirements of present-day realities.  For example, outdated algorithms will not be a problem for skillful hackers. Start with the audit of your existing ecosystem. This way you will be able to find weak spots that can be used by cybercriminals for attacks. 

Additionally, find a competent IT specialist who will consult you in the context of the best-matching software for your existing system. It will be easier to add new solutions that meet all the tech requirements than cope with noncompliance issues. 

Among the most efficient tips for contractors who would like to hit local markets and improve their cyber security strategies are the following recommendations:

  1. Add encryption and multi-level authentication. Select powerful passwords with lowercase and uppercase letters. Do not forget to add symbols and digits to the password to protect your email and cloud accounts.
  2. Experience high-quality VPNs. Virtual private networks can make a difference when it comes to the security of your corporate data including sharing information with third parties and stakeholders.
  3. Develop the backup plan and invest in onboarding. Your software, hardware, and teammates should be ready for critical situations provoked by cyber threats. In case of hackers’ attacks accounts will be blocked and the system will inform about breakage issues.
  4. Try to optimize your digital-friendly ecosystem with high-level tools that are flexible and easy to set. All new high-tech solutions should meet the tech requirements of your existing system and implement risk-free while enhancing your security not adding vulnerabilities.

Explore new trends and keep track of novelties in cyberspace. More and more efficient cybersecurity solutions hit the tech market almost every day. It is reasonable to focus on your corporate data and funds protection today not to waste time, money, and efforts when it comes to negative consequences in the end.

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